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Thread: Bowel Cancer Worries :-(

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    Bowel Cancer Worries :-(

    I am only 28 but have not looked after myself dietwise or exercise wise and now I'm having worries about bowel cancer, especially since I've read that it is increasing in people under 30.

    A couple of weeks ago I posted about a stomach bug my husband had for 3 days but then I fell ill with cramps and looseish stools and after a few days ended up having the same symptoms as him.

    It has been a week and a half since the diarrhoea stopped and I have still been having tummy pain and constipation. I took senna for a couple of nights to clear my stomach which worked but have had constipation for a few days (when I've had a bm it's not been much).

    I have been eating healthily since Weds and on Sat night I decided to have a takeaway and ended up feeling nauseous and vomiting less than an hour after I had eaten. I thought that after eating so healthily in the week, my body could not cope with the high fat intake and therefore rejected the food.

    Yesterday I ate healthily, I felt nauseous in the evening but that passed. At 2am I needed to have a bm but again was constipated, the abdominal pain whilst trying to go was unbearable and I started sweating and feeling nauseous. I then vomited again and had a horrible pain under my ribcage and then consequently had diarrhoea.

    I had reassured myself that it was a stomach bug but why am I vomiting a week after the diarrhoea stops? And only once a night? I'm now convinced I will have to have a colonoscopy and other tests and am dreading the thought :-(

    Trust it to be a bank hol so I can't even go to the docs!

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    Re: Bowel Cancer Worries :-(


    I am a similar age to you 30.

    I don't know where you are base in the UK, I have had this fear, round Christmas 2012 my parents took me to local walk in centre, even though weeks earlier I had an abdominal ultrasound. I have had tests done to reassurance myself and scans and nothing was found.

    Please don't Google

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