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Thread: need help I think I am addicted to lorazepam (ativan)

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    Unhappy need help I think I am addicted to lorazepam (ativan)

    I was given atvian in the hospital for a panic attack. Only for 7days. I took 1 mg at bedtime, I couldn't sleep without it, my doctor filled it for 30 days and then another 14. He gave me temazepam 15 mgs to sleep instead and it's not working I only sleep for 3 to 4 hours. He said I could try two pills for a total of 30 mgs. But isn't that stuff addicting too? I am really scared of this road I'm on here. I read the withdrawal symptoms of atvian, and side effects, I have the twitches, the tingling and limb weakness, I can't get into the doctors for another 10 days, I have called in sick to work about once a week they know something is wrong with me, that I can't sleep and I have to have tests done and it takes forever for me to get into see anyone. What can I do in the meantime. Do I go to the er again? What can they do? Anything?

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    Re: need help I think I am addicted to lorazepam (ativan)

    tuesdayschild, when you see your doctor again, discuss with him the prescribing for you of amitriptyline. It is an antidepressant that is often prescribed for sleep as well. Very good for anxiety too, apparently. Very minor side effects, nothing you won't have experienced with the benzos. Dry mouth, early morning drowsiness. Does not have the addiction potential like benzodiazapenes.
    It is actually a very good thing that you are trying to not become addicted. And bravo for seeking help with your anxiety, too.
    Hope this helps,

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