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Thread: wanna chat?

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    wanna chat?

    hi everyone, i guess im looking for someone to chat to who has similar issues to me.

    i have issues when mixing with people, i have a wide circle of friends who all seem to like me, but i cant be around them. i get too deep into things that are said and can begin panicing for no good reason causing people to see me as odd. i cant open up to anyone and im starting to feel i will isolate myself from the world if i dont take action.

    i also suffer from panic attacks, mainly at night, usually when im on my own and things start creaking or maybe someone walks past the house... does anyone else suffer this?

    i have suffered from depression for as long as i can remeber too, however recently it has got worse recently

    im 18, male and from oxfordshire... my name is sam

    feel free to email me or add me on msn

    keep smiling...

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    ive just added you on msn, im zoe 22 from brighton.
    look forward to chatting to you!

    zoe xx

    To be pushed is unwillingness, to push yourself is courage

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