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Thread: 10mg se?

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    10mg se?

    This dose is really starting to kick my pants now. Restless leg abdominal cramps really low mood so desperate to get away from my head. Sitting at my desk a complete basket case. Jist back after 2 days off with flu. May emd up taking some diaz at this rate. Just had 2 co codamol half n hour ago. Please god let me get better

    Peace and serenity, Paul

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    Re: 10mg se?

    Stick at it Paul.... the flu will be making things a little worse for you at the moment...... hang in there


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    Re: 10mg se?

    I know how you feel Paul..I am at 10mg for about 2 weeks or so..I guess we are pretty sensitive to meds..But, as a word of encouragement, I do have moments that I feel improvement..I have actually left my house, sometimes I only feel better for a few hours and then the next day feel really bad, but before I did not have any good hours...So, please hang in there and I will do the same. we will support each other... debbie

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    Re: 10mg se?

    Been on 10mgs for five weeks now and just starting to feel the benefits. I took ages to start taking them,worried about side effects etc and on 20mgs I was terrible felt like I had the flu etc. So cut down to 5mgs for two weeks then up to ten mgs . And no side effects at all.
    Keep going it will make you see a brighter future

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    Re: 10mg se?

    Sarah, Debbie and cartwheels, thank you so much for your support

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