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Thread: just a question?

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    just a question?

    hi all
    does anyone suddenly get text book anxiety symptons for no apperent reason? lately when im going thru a good patch without any anxiety all of a sudden i will sometimes get spacey feelings ibs and headaches not all at once or in any particular order i cant understand this, imean if i get some form of aggravation or stress then yes, i can accept the anxiety tho i dont want to,but when things are good why does this happen any thoughts on this ?

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    Know the feeling well mike.

    Ellen XX

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    I too can relate....actually alot of my anxiety cant be traced to anything...even if im ok...the soecd out feeling comes over
    very wierd xx

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    Hi Mick,

    Yep me too,can be feeling fine then all of a sudden just get another symptom out of nowhere.Its just sensitised nerves thats all,when youve felt the symptoms as long as we have its like they're extra sensitive for ages after,even when youre feeling well.Try to accept that as quick as the feelings come they can go away just as quick.Hope this helps...

    Take care,Candie xx

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    Hey mick

    yes i get them to,

    also its a case of when you think everything is normal; and good a part of your brain says hey up im not used to feeling like this, whats wrong and auto tries to go back into anx mode,

    its a real good sign, means your well on the mend when that happens

    as candie says when they come accept them and just carry on with what your doing, dont stop.

    keep smiling buddy , oh and thanks for you mail and comment as usual it made my relax a little buddy.
    thank you.

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