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    Day 40 (day 20 @ 10mg)

    Well folks still plodding along, anxiety is definatley down but the severe lack of motivation and concentration remains. Got keys to new house 12 days ago - was quite upbeat at time and driven to get stuf done, but only lasted about 2 days. still hoping itll get better. getting bit easier to get to sleep at night. listen to my binaural beat music. i wish my motivationj would pick up as trying to do anything at work is such an effort - then comes the guilt trip for being lazy. trying to hold onto little positives and realise im only on the med 6 weeks and 3weeks a t 10mg.

    how is everyone keeping?

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    Re: Day 40 (day 20 @ 10mg)

    I'm on day 14 and have been on 20mg the entire time. I have moments of clarity and happiness, but still many moments of feeling blah. I'm not having panic attacks nearly as much, so that's the good news, but still waiting to feel like my old self. I'm also trying to set goals for myself each day so i don't get stagnate.

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    Re: Day 40 (day 20 @ 10mg)

    Good to hear from you bimmer

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