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    Re: Scared of Thunder and Lightning!

    No worries, Carnation.

    The thunder hit us around 2am but it was on of those drifting back & forth types. It was really hot last night and the rain will have done the garden good. It has at least gone a litle cooler tonight.

    Sedalia - you have some things you can do to get through it? Maybe even with some headphones on to distract yourself if not?
    For free Mindfulness resources, please see this thread I have created to compile many sources together

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    Re: Scared of Thunder and Lightning!

    That's the things I think of when the storm arrives Terry.
    How much cooler and bearable it will be when it is over and how the garden desperately needs the water.
    It's the lightening I fear and the noise of the thunder keeps me awake.
    But I know longer jump out of the bed in the frenzy to look for a dark place to hide. I take precautions and unplug the tv and stay in my bed with a sheet over me to block out the lightening a little and keep repeating that it will be over soon. I'm still frightened and I probably always will be, but I'm trying to accept it as part of nature.

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