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Thread: anyone know anything about ecgs?

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    anyone know anything about ecgs?

    I had an ECG, or EKG, months ago because I began seeing a new Dr and told her I had health anxiety and was worried about my heart. Everything came back fine but the report reads "lateral q waves/ probably normal deviation". I can't find anything online about lateral q waves, just pathological ones. Anyone know anything?

    Thanks in advance!

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    Re: anyone know anything about ecgs?


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    Re: anyone know anything about ecgs?

    Hi, Danii!

    Sorry it's been a couple days, but I thought I'd wait to see if someone else wanted to chime in with their experience. I can tell you one thing, if it's your first ever ecg, what is normal for your heart may cause a bit of wondering for the tech who looks at it. My doc called me in because the technician thought it looked as though I may have had a previous MI (myocardial infarction/heart attack). He sent me back to the hospital for a stress test where they hook you up again as for the ecg, and put you on a treadmill. All fine. Doc explained that since they hadn't had a previous ecg in the first place to compare with, they didn't know that some blip or other was normal for me. Since your doctor has reassured you that everything came back fine, I wouldn't worry about it. The trained technician studied it, and if your doctor had any concerns he would have sent you for a stress test.

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    Re: anyone know anything about ecgs?

    ECG stands for Electrocardiogram and it is the examination of your heart to count your heart beat. The person having heart problem, should have the daily checkup to keep a healthy and fresh movement.

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