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Thread: Doc wanting to send me for a CT scan on my chest, but I'm scared...!

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    Doc wanting to send me for a CT scan on my chest, but I'm scared...!

    RIGHT, I would like some thoughts here!

    I've been having spells of breathlessness which I'd been putting down to anxiety. Doc originally thought it was my heart, so I had an ultrasound of my heart, which came back unclear but suggested LSVD. Got an appointment with a cardiologist to discuss further in the middle of July.

    Alongside this, they've been looking at my lungs, and suspect something called sarcoidosis from looking at the xray, but because it was unclear, they want to do a chest CT scan.

    And on top of this, I've been having massive problems with my left ear, blocked, lots of pain. Going to see an ENT person tonight about this, and I have a feeling they'll say I need to see a specialist about it and most likely get a scan.

    I'm worried because I don't want to keep having scans and stuff, but I'm in the reverse position that I actually think this could be anxiety based, but docs think it is something else. I'm worried about the radiation from the CT scan - I don't mind doing one, but then I think I might need one for my heart and again for my sinuses. I'd feel much happier having an MRI done of the lot!


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    Re: Doc wanting to send me for a CT scan on my chest, but I'm scared...!

    you would have to gave lots of MRI scans for the radiation to be a concern they keep the number of x rays they use in each scan to a minimum for this reason don't worry if you are only having 2 radiation is not a concern

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