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Thread: ECG Results

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    ECG Results

    I went back to the doctors last week for my ECG results and when I walked in he said everything's fine, nothing to worry about and then asked if i'm still getting palpertations, I said that I dont get them my concern is when I have a panic attack I feel like my heart goes faint/skips beats/Flutters etc so he said ok I'll refer you to a specialist . I have recieved my appointment and its not untill sept....What if there is something wrong that he has not told me. I have got to wait months to find out. This is also making me anxious now

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    Re: ECG Results

    I don't think he is referring you because he is overly worried, It sounds like he is doing so to placate you, and calm your fears.

    My personal opinion is this is NOT a good thing and frankly STUPID when it comes to dealing with anxiety/panic sufferers, as it just freaks you out, thinking there is a real problem.

    I would lay money that there isn't, Kelly.

    I also suffer from panic and anxiety. During my attacks, I get severe palps, my heart feels like it is going to burst through my chest it is thumping so hard, and I sweat and have fainted during them on more than one occasion.

    I have have had 3 ECG's over the years, all of which have been normal, except that the last one I was told I had a high heart rate (but that was because I was anxious during it)

    Your ECG was fine. That is an excellent clue that you do not have a real issue with your heart, and that this is just anxiety and panic symptoms. They are so strong that they really do convince us we have a heart problem.There are loads and loads of palp sufferers on this site. If there was a real concern they would have referred you urgently, and you would have been seen within 2 weeks as an urgent case.

    He is referring you to calm your worries I imagine. Shame doctors like that can't see they are making them WORSE rather than helping.

    Worry not!

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    Re: ECG Results

    Thanks Debs.

    I Don't find the Doctors at all supportive towards our panic/anxiety Issues. you try to explain to them how you feel and they look at you like your crazy..Mine just keeps sending me for tests he doesnt really talk to me about them..Cant get you out the surgery quick enough...My heart rate on the ECG was really fast when i was having it done and the nurse said to me your one of them arn't you, took the results and walked to the doctors now thinking all is good that's it can stop stressing and then sends me to a specialist..I dont think half the doctors can be bothered I have seen so many and has still not yet found one that's supportive. I have had panic/anxiety now for 15 years and as I get older the symptoms change...I have had what you get the palpertations etc now I dont get that...Its faint and I go pure white/drained its horrible...I hope yours start to get better.

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    Re: ECG Results

    Thanks Kelly.

    You are so right. I think it is far easier for them to treat you physically, rather than address the root causes. That to me is not good doctoring.

    Considering 1 in 4 people have a mental health problem, you would think you could count on doctors to get a bloody grip on dealing with anxious patients.

    I have the same thing with my GP. I have to go for a review every 8 weeks for a new prescription of my meds. I don't know why I bother. He just stares at his computer, ignoring much of what I'm saying.

    I could be sitting there saying that I ran through town with my knickers on my head the night before, and he would still take no notice or say 'oh that's good then'!

    The symptoms we have really are horrible, I know. Just try to take some comfort if you can that you are not alone.x

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