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    prozac withdrawal

    Hey guys, well stopping is indeed difficult. I no it is the right decision but it doesn't make it easy. I think I am on about day 10 without any and the last few days since day 5 have been very difficult. Really angry, moody, tired, slight anxiety headaces sore neck etc. I am hoping this will get better in time.

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    Re: prozac withdrawal

    Wish you the best, Ross! :-) Are you sure that a taper wouldn't be better than just quitting cold turkey? Have you checked with your doc to let him know you have stopped taking the meds? My sister quit Wellbutrin cold turkey and she had hallucinations. This can be very dangerous and I don't want to add anxiety but I want you to get better. My sis is fine, now, and she has not been on any ADs for a few years. She just copes in other ways. I know you will be fine, too, but I don't want you to go through a difficult process if it doesn't have to be. Blessings!

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