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Thread: My first Anxiety discussion....

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    My first Anxiety discussion....

    Hello all, I'm new here, second post (first in the introduction forum). Not sure what I am looking for other than someone listening I guess.

    I have been suffereing from what I think is generalised anxiety for a few years now although my doctor reckons I have probably had it in one form or another for many years. About 3 years ago I had a Motorbike accident that layed my up for a while but after a number of months I recovered phyiscally ( still lip three years on but I can't complain, I was dead lucky). A couple of eyars after the accidnet I started having a lot of bad dreams, usually about motorbikes. I was told that it was PTSD but I was later told that I suffer from anxiety and possibly depression. Now, the lst two it seems I have suffered from for years.

    You see, I am extrmely overweight, I have been overweight for as long as I can remember. For this reason I have terrible confidence problems (it's a big effort to go somewhere new but I DO make the effort at times) once I become familier with a surounding I'm generally OK. Thats why I got into motorbikes in a funny sort of way. I needed a bit of independance (I dont drive and live in London) and I wanted to go to the gym to exercise and so on, maybe lose a bit of weight and become a little happier with myself. When I had an accident that left me imbobile for 6 months, I slipped into a bit of dpression. You know how it is, try to do something positive and something negative happens, felt sorry for myself and all that. Anyhow, rambling.

    Now I have pains everywhere a lot of the time. I think about my own death a lot and worry about it all the time. I had an ECG less than 6 months a ago and was told that despite my weight (I really am VERY overweight) my heart was OK and I was actually in a low risk group (not sure how that worked). that made me feel better for about 2 weeks, then the pains started again, chest pains, pains in me left arm, stomach pains the whole works. they come and go.

    My last visit to the doctor was a farce really. Was given and open appoinment to get another ECG but was told that it would show nothing, that it was anxiety causing the problems. Made me feel better for about 2 days. Nothing more. I could go get an ECG and feel happier for another week or so but thats not the answer.

    I need to change things. I blame everything on the fact that I am overweight yet seem unable to lose any. Worst thing is, when I mention anxiety to anyone, and I'm talking about my really close friends, they just don't understand. they try to but it's just hard to get your head around when you haven't had to put up with it I suppose. My mother suffers from MS so it's not like I am gonna tell her about it (she does OK but I would feel selfish talking about a problem like that to my mum who has her own to deal with).

    So here I am. First place I talk about this is to complete strangers whome I have never met or spoken too. Funny isn't it?

    Anyhow, I shall watch these forums with interest, maybe I can take some comfort or even offer advice (although at the moment, I have none to give really as yet).

    thanks for listening.

    Paul Leask

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    Hi Paul,

    I was the opposite, extremely skinny, but with the same feelings as you. I felt like I might as well be the only person on the planet, I felt "invisible". People would stare at me because I really was painfully thin, I'd wear over-sized clothes which made me look even worse.

    The panic attacks and anxiety just drew attention to myself, and people stopped bothering with me because I thought they were thinking "here we go again". It wasn't like that, they just didn't know how to handle me because they said that I wouldn't let them talk about my weight issue without changing the subject. I wouldn't let them because I was embarrassed and didn't have any confidence at all. I had no self esteem and felt the pits I can tell you.

    My weight is now healthy, but my anxiety still bothers me a lot. The panic attacks have calmed down a lot and I found I got a lot of reassurance out of counselling sessions, which my employer sorted out for me. We have our own counsellor at work so it was great.

    Never feel like you're the only one with these problems and symptoms Paul. The guys on here will tell you this, they are a great bunch and you will get lets of support and tips on how to boost your confidence and become happier with yourself.

    Anxiety is really nasty, but you can learn to cope with it and the associated symptoms. Have a good chat with your GP, he may consider medication if you aren't on any already. He should be able to help you with your weight issues and point you in the right direction, but just take one step at a time; you can't deal with everything at once.

    Hope you feel much better once everyone has introduced themselves and welcomed you to the site, and the administrators will send you links to relevant topics which will be of interest to you.

    Take care.

    Les, xx

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    Hi Paul
    OOh haven't you been having fun!!!! Glad you found NMP as there are some brilliantly helpful people here . I am not one of them but don't want you to feel alone.

    I am not surprised you have been thinking of death considering your accident that sounds pretty serious.

    The aches and pains could very be anixety related. If you have a look in the health and symptons sections you might be able identify with what other sufferers have said which probably won't stop the worrying but will make you feel less alone.

    Have you told your Dr that you think it is anixety and depression following the motorcycle accident? Have you been able to see a therapist of any sorts.

    Don't give up cos' there is help to make it all much easier and bearable.

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    Hi Paul,well done on coming here and opening up.Its better to let out how your feeling,rather than bottle it all up.My partner has a wieght problem,he was skinny when we met 24 years ago,but he is much bigger now,but hes the same person inside and I will always love him to bits.Id gained wieght to and it does make you feel less confident.I lost a stone last year,just by being careful with my food.Depression can make you gain wieght,some people lose there appetite,some eat more.
    Things will get better pet.Im not at all surprised you have dreams about the accident.All the symptoms you describe sound like anxiety.

    Ellen XX

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    HI, I was also overweight and depressed. I tried various diets and even weigh****cher however what I disovered recently helped in loosing 10kg - 22lpin 10 weeks. I have more energy than ever and feel happier every day. I can say that dieting with low calory intake can be dangerous as you do not give enough nutrition to your body. I have been using herblife for the last 3 months and it worked for me so can recommend it. Let me know if you interested to find out more about my story and how could this work for you . My email is

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