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    As most as you know I'm currently studying for my psychology degree - today we had a lecture on emotion and the lecturer focused on anxiety. He told us about a study in which several people were injected with adrenaline - half of them were told it was adrenaline and half of them were not. The researchers found that when people knew they had been injected with adrenaline they showed less of a response and were less aroused (generally - not sexually) those who did not know what they had been injected with was adrenaline showed very high levels of arrousals.

    I think this is really relevant to anxiety problems - The first group of people KNEW that their feelings were being caused by adrenaline and so were less arroused. If we accept that our feelings of anxiety are caused by various different chemicals in our bodies we can control our physical symptoms more easily?

    I hope other people find this interesting/helpful

    Sophie [:I]

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    Thankyou for your post. Makes compleate sense to me. It is much better knowing,whats going on as the imagination runs wild.

    Snoopy x

    Snoopy x

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    Hi Sophie -
    Thnx for that
    It does make sense. I know that now that I know that what I have is anxiety - my symptoms are (MOST OF THE TIME - lol) easier to control than when I thought I must be dying from some undiagnosed mystery illness.
    Keep us posted if you get anymore info from your classes

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    Thanks for the post sophie.
    I was told that panic is just a huge adrenalin rush. Knowing that has helped me become less affraid of them.

    Take care
    LYNN xx

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    Oh yes Acceptance is definately the key at times I feel!

    Thanks Sophie,

    Take Care,

    Love Pip's X X


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