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Thread: A timetable for recovery on Fluoxetine / prozac

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    Re: A timetable for recovery on Fluoxetine / prozac

    Oh Don I'm so so sorry for your loss. There's no words that make this any better for you.
    Please keep going, it won't always hurt this bad.
    Sending thoughts to you xxx

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    Re: A timetable for recovery on Fluoxetine / prozac

    Hi all.
    I thought I would give a quick update.
    10 weeks here!! 10 long weeks!!
    Still battling on but improving. Little moments of feeling like my self, little pockets of time where I don't think about how I'm feeling every second!
    I wake later now and not with the extreme anxiety of the first few weeks. It's just a low level sort of feeling of dread and low mood.
    I actually left the house yesterday to visit my parents. First time I've left the house in 9 weeks! I coped fine. I wouldn't say it was like normal, I'm not there yet. I still feel a bit distant, conversations aren't as easy and I'm still feeling slightly on edge. It's the tiredness and fatigue and lack of motivation that is my main problem now.
    I just can't imagine ever having the energy to do go back to my old life agajn. And yet I have the other times I've started the medication.
    Hanging on for the 12 week mark where I felt most improvement last time according to my old posts.
    It cannot come quick enough!!counting those days down.

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    Re: A timetable for recovery on Fluoxetine / prozac

    Sounds like you're on the right track Kay! Glad you're seeing improvement.

    I just passed 12 weeks on 40mg and I'm starting to string together mostly normal days. I still have ups and downs. I had a business coffee meeting that turned into lunch and that was the worst my anxiety has been in a while. Very self conscious about making too much/ not enough eye contact. What do I do with my hands? Don't drink the coffee too fast you'll freak out worse. I had to go to the bathroom when we got to the restaurant to compose myself but I made it through it and don't think I embarrassed myself so I'll call it a win.

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    Re: A timetable for recovery on Fluoxetine / prozac

    I just want to say thank you to everyone for the kind words. Today is Day sixty something on the Prozac. I don't remember if I took my Prozac lastnight but it has a long half life so I should be alright. I stopped talking to my therapist to save money. The good news is, my anxiety doesn't bother me anymore as I'm no longer afraid to die since my Mother's passing. I wouldn't say I have a death wish, but now I can stare death in the face without blinking so the anxiety seemingly disappeared.

    Of course though, since my friend anxiety moved out, my old friend depression moved in. I'm just sort of existing right now. I wake up each morning with a, "great, here we go again" attitude. Xanax has been helping me most days but when it wears off the anger and existential misery sets back in. I'm in a very dark place. I went from being locked in my room afraid to go outside, to pissed off and back outside. Is it a good trade off? Probably not. All in all the Prozac seems to be doing its job. Without it I'd probably do something stupid. Stress eating and caffeine consumption is at an all time high. I hope to be rid of this darkness before the birth of my daughter in October.

    Moving away from the dark stuff I want to say congrats Kay and KHpanic on the improvement. Keep moving forward.

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    Re: A timetable for recovery on Fluoxetine / prozac

    I'm so sorry you are in such a dark place. This illness certainly likes to kick our arse! The depression is so tough but entirely reasonable since you've lost someone you loved dearly and grief is hard enough without already struggling mental health problems.
    Give yourself time. You won't feel like this forever but while you do be kind to yourself and let it play out.
    That baby will bring you so much joy. Life can be bright again. It just takes its own time.
    Thinking of you Don. Sending you healing thoughts

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    Re: A timetable for recovery on Fluoxetine / prozac

    I'm sorry you're dealing with this Don. I really hope you're daughter is all the light in the world for you. She's going to need her dad. I'll be thinking about you as well.

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    Re: A timetable for recovery on Fluoxetine / prozac

    Thank you guys, I very much appreciate all the kind words. It's been tough but I'm taking it day by day. I'm on week 10 of Prozac, most of those weeks being 60mg. I honestly can't tell if it's truly helping due to my grief I'm dealing with. I still get pretty anxious in the mornings and want to sleep the days away. My Doctor comes back in a couple weeks so I'm going to get some blood work done and try to get another refill of Xanax.

    I want to turn to a healthy lifestyle but I want to get some tests done to make sure I'm alright otherwise. I want to be here for as long as I can for my baby. I miss my Mom dearly, but I'll see her again. I'm sure of it. How are you all doing?

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    Re: A timetable for recovery on Fluoxetine / prozac

    Well my DPDR is basically gone. But now that it's left i'm having trouble with my regular anxiety again because I can now feel emotions Good times. Two steps forward, one step back. But ever forward.

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    Re: A timetable for recovery on Fluoxetine / prozac

    Well I see my doctor on October 5th. After the long journey with Prozac I think it's fair to say it's not for me. I do believe it has helped to a point and got me through some stuff, but as far as long term I'm going to look into maybe Paxil or Mirtazapine again. I'll be back at square 1 but hopefully I can find my happy place again. Thank you for the love and support everyone and I pray you all have success ��

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    Re: A timetable for recovery on Fluoxetine / prozac

    Quote Originally Posted by Don777x View Post
    I'm going to look into maybe Paxil or Mirtazapine again.
    No sure about trying another SSRI given you've now failed to respond to 3 of them, citalopram/escitalopram, sertraline and fluoxetine. Nor was mirtazapine a roaring success when you tried it apparently, "definitely put me to sleep but I remember being so hungry all the time and there was one night I woke up seeing colors and everything was slow motion as I used the bathroom. I messaged her the next day and told her I didn't want to feel that again so the Mirtazapine was done".

    I think a TCA would be a better option. Either amitriptyline, or imipramine with a preference for the latter given you experience panic attacks. It was the 'gold standard' PD med before SSRIs/SNRIs hit the market and they didn't dethrone it because they were more effective. It was the AD which pulled me out of PD at the beginning.

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