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Thread: The threads that go unanswered..

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    The threads that go unanswered..

    When doing the search function I realized how many people's questions about their health that go unanswered and it kind of freaked me out. Threads that are years old.

    It makes me wonder what happened to them or if theyre okay or not.

    This actually gave me a little anxiety thinking about it..

    but I like to think maybe they just read other threads that have similiar responses/symptoms and their health issues was just anxiety like mine.

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    Re: The threads that go unanswered..

    I wouldn't worry about it too much, it's probably a good thing if people go to their Dr's rather than look online for medical help lol.
    When I see people who are going through a low period mood wise or in need of a positive boost that don't have any replies I feel worried but I haven't seen that too often.
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    Re: The threads that go unanswered..

    I do the same thing. I try to respond to those!

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    Re: The threads that go unanswered..

    If I ever don't get a response, I repost until I do get a response!

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    Re: The threads that go unanswered..

    I get angry when I reply to a post and I've taken a long time to think of the right things to say and given advice and the thread just dies. Not even a simple thank you.

    Simple manners is all that's needed

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    Re: The threads that go unanswered..

    Some threads that aren't answered are just things people have brought up again and again, even though they've had answers before. Better no answers than people telling them to stop reposting!

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    Re: The threads that go unanswered..

    Yeah, there is so much info on this site that a quick search will help you find tons of info on whatever you are going through. I try to answer those that jump out at me because I would literally be on here all day if I answered every unanswered post I came across.

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    Re: The threads that go unanswered..

    Yea I posted 2 days ago and nothing. Oh well.

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    Re: The threads that go unanswered..

    Aah I've never taken celexa or propranolol. Try putting it in the celexa and propranolol forums. There may well be people checking those boards regularly who take both of those.

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    Re: The threads that go unanswered..

    I only respond to threads that I feel able to respond to. Unfortunately I don't like giving the 'I know, it's horrible, isn't it' BS and would rather offer something useful or, if I can't, nothing at all. I also do not want to give out advice that I'm not sure of and could make somebody worse, I would rather let others take over with their own experiences and advice.

    There are many other reasons why I don't respond but I do take consideration for posts with little to no replies.
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