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Thread: Breast issues again. :( :(

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    Breast issues again. :( :(

    Hi everyone,

    I don't really know how much more of these issues I can take. I'm just really upset about everything.

    So Tuesday, I went to my appointment with the breast surgeon, he said everything was fine and I thought that would be the end of it.

    But it wasn't.

    Wednesday night the tip of my right nipple started feeling itchy. I assumed this was because I had been drinking caffeinated tea, it had happened before, and I thought it would go away the next day.

    The itching didn't go away, instead it started hurting the next day. Sometimes it would feel like a sharp pain. I had also been rubbing it a lot the previous day so I don't know if I had just irritated it more. But putting ice on it didn't help.

    The next day it wasn't really painful, it just feels really irritated, like someone rubbed it a bunch and this it the after math. And its been feeling like that ever since.

    If I don't touch it, it doesn't feel as irritated, but I can still tell that it's irritated. And if I rub it or press it the irritation gets worse.

    My nipple doesn't look red or scaly or anything. My areola also doesn't have any signs of redness or scaling either. Just the tip of my nipple is just really irritated. I can't tell if it's swollen because I didn't really pay attention to what it looked like before Wednesday. And I don't even remember how my nipple looked on Tuesday.

    I don't know if this is related to my cycle. My cycle is 2 weeks away and it could be from hormonal changes. And if it was related to hormonal changes I would think both of my nipples would feel irritated. I'm just really worried because I read about Paget's disease. I know it's highly unlikely because I'm only 22 with no history of any cancer in my family. I'm just really scared.

    I just want all these issues to go away. I'm terrified right now. What if the ultrasound missed something? Or I have something that can't be found on an ultrasound or mammogram? I don't know what to do with my life anymore.

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    Re: Breast issues again. :( :(

    If it doesn't have any difference in appearance than usual, then it's normal. Besides, recently I learned that itchy feeling on nipples can be considered as PMS. Since PMS can start up to 2-3 weeks before your period (which was related to my recent worry but I think PMS can start as early as 3 weeks). I don't think you should worry about it
    You had your dr check and ultrasound and everything is clear, enjoy the feeling ^^

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    Re: Breast issues again. :( :(

    My worry is that it's only one of them. I mean my left one sometimes gets the same feeling, but then it goes away. My right one is constant.

    If it was PMS wouldn't it be both?

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    Re: Breast issues again. :( :(

    No actually I was told recently that PMS can appear only in one breast or both. Our hormones decide it, unfortunately. One of your breasts can be more sensitive than the other. Can be anything.

    Just like me, try as much to avoid thoughts (I am experiencing the same problem now) and just wait for your period. I am sure you will feel more relaxed after that.
    And your dr says it's fine, then nothing to worry

    Edit: I misread a sentence in your post

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    Re: Breast issues again. :( :(

    I called my doctor. I told them about the issue on Friday, but they wanted to wait until today to see how I feel. They told them it's hormonal and they won't see me for it. :/

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    Re: Breast issues again. :( :(

    I am going through this type of thing right now as well.

    I had some itching on my left nipple a couple of weeks ago and I have had sensitivity on that nipple for awhile now. I noticed a white spot and a couple of odd looking spots on it. I went to the doctor and he ordered a mammogram and ultrasound. Both were clear. I was happy until I went home and googled it and found that paget's disease is usually not seen by mammogram or ultrasound.

    So...tomorrow it's back to the doctor I go. I used the treatments he told me to and they didn't change anything. He asked me to come back if there was no improvement.

    I am worried too. If you need to talk, I am here.

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    Re: Breast issues again. :( :(

    Guys I am also concerned about my sensitive breast and nipple on left side. I was thinking reading your posts, wouldn't your doctors be concerned if there was something to worry about? Did they make a check on your breasts and saw those spots on nipples? Just wondering... they would't be this relaxed, or?
    Actually the way how they lack giving enough info and just say "oh there is noyhing to worry" is making me angry but i guess this is how they are.

    I am quite anxious myself atm and trying to calm down actually. My sensitive breast feels warm but my husband says both feel tha same to touch. I try to keep calm and not to worry him much but on the other hand i need to talk, so.
    I made a mistake and checked some small things on google , then voila. I feel so stupid...
    Really, don't check google...

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    Re: Breast issues again. :( :(

    The reason they said that for me is because I've been to my doctor like 5 times this past month for breast issues. I've had an ultrasound and even saw a breast surgeon so that's why they're saying it's hormonal.

    I want to let you know that I also went to my chiropractor today who told me my breast discomfort is due to hormonal imbalance, and also inflammation.

    I will let you know that the irritation in my nipple started the day after I ran out of omega 3 supplements. I had been taking them because they're good for you and help inflammation in the body.

    My chiropractor told me that my progesterone levels are out of whack which is caused by a number of things, including stress and anxiety. So he told me to get natural progesterone cream to help balance my hormones.

    Please don't google. That is the worst thing you can do at this point, especially with the anxiety.

    Every time I googled something the only thing it led me to was a panic and crying session. Everything will be fine. Like someone before said, hormonal issues can happen in just one breast, or both.

    For me my right breast is the one that gets the brunt of it.

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