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Thread: how long should i give it?

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    how long should i give it?

    Hey all, I was on 10mg of cit for 2 months, started to feel human again, but felt like I needed just an extra push, so upped to 20, kinda wish I hadn't! Like starting all over again. I'm 2 weeks in to the 20mg and the hot flashes are unbearable. I'm worried I should have just stayed at ten. Can the side effects take as long to alleviate as the first time around? How long do I give it before i can say I've given it a fair go? Thanks all

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    Re: how long should i give it?

    My worst symptons were around the 2 -8 week mark, so although the upping of the dose would not have helped you but you may still have still experienced some of these symptoms even on 10mg.

    2-3 months is generally kick in for Cit.

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    Re: how long should i give it?

    For me upping a dosage usually is the same as starting from scratch. So id give 2 months from the 20mg start date.

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    Re: how long should i give it?

    Thanks guys. I think my desire to get over this thing is holding me back ultimately. Never been the most patient of folks!

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    Re: how long should i give it?

    Evilzombie, I think you did the right thing, whats a bad week or two if it means long term relief from your anxious thoughts or panic? Give it a good chance!

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