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Thread: so worried :( bowel issues

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    so worried :( bowel issues

    hello everyone, i have never posted on here before, but have always wanted to, as it would be nice to have some like minded people to talk to
    like lots of you i have pretty bad health anxiety, if it isnt one thing its another, sometimes i get a break, as it is usually triggered by something, then i feel or see something and im convinced its the worst which is usually cancer! then nothing can convince me otherwise and my life goes on hold, like my brain cant think about anything else.
    the latest one is bowel cancer, i am a 28 year old female, and it may seem silly to be worrying about it at this age, but my thoughts are it does happen, my symptoms say i've got it, therefore i'm dying!
    the thing that has triggered it is the change in my bowel movements. the thing is this has been the case for quite a long time now, and i cant really pinpoint when it changed and if it was quickly or gradually. i had a baby about a year and a half ago, i suspect it happened when i was pregnant as i have memories of my stool being annoying soft and the never ending wiping and thinking it must be the relaxing pregnancy hormones. i had some anxiety and depression at the beginning of my pregnancy due to work issues, then a stressful pregnancy, then an emergency c section, then another minor unrelated op after that caused depression again and took a while to recover, hence why its hard for me to pinpoint where this began, as i probably wasnt that bothered about it at the time!
    however now its in my head, i used to have very solid firm large stools, but now its just slop, it never went back to normal i guess and they are rarely solid and if they are they are soft and small.
    then theres me being convinced i see blood in the stools, sometimes i will have a slightly pinker stool, and im convinced now that must have been blood, and im thinking back to months ago when i saw something that could have been blood, could have been smeared red pepper, but it was so long ago i can barely remember.
    so thats me, as always i hope im being crazy, but feel like im being perfectly reasonable! i guess i want people to say they had a change in bowel habits after a pregnancy or stressful time that never resolved, or just tell me im being stupid lol, but thanks for reading, hope to chat soon

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    Re: so worried :( bowel issues


    This is just a courtesy reply to let you know that your post was moved from its original place to a sub-forum that is more relevant to your problem.

    This is nothing personal - it just enables us to keep posts about the same problems in the relevant forums so other members with any experience with the issues can find them more easily.

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    Re: so worried :( bowel issues

    Hello, I can relate to you for several reasons-stressful pregnancy, emergency c section, cancer fears yup had them all I'm currently in a terrible state thinking I must have bowel cancer and feeling like crap-from too much crap ie diarrhea! How are you feeling now? Have you been to the doctor for any tests?

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