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Thread: Gastric issues

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    Gastric issues

    Hi, im still having gastric issues. I'll try not be lengthy but need to explain. This began about. 5 weeks ago. At first I could only drink water & maybe a few dry saltine crackers or dry toast & then I was able to eat turkey sandwich on plain dry toast after maybe a week or a bit less. I have NO pain at all. But gas. & bloating under breasts that's uncomfortable. This began about a month after I started a necessary diet to lose wt I need to lose. I'm finding sugar & carbs to cause gas symptoms. & I've been eating hard non fat candies to avoid eating cake, donuts , muffins, cupcakes. & the like which are fattening. The non fat hard candies don't have fat but are loaded with sugar. I'm not sure what to think but you can bet I've catastrophized about stomach cancer, ulcers , & any other catastrophic illness. My stomach is very sensitive. I began at loss diet in end of May. Symptoms began end of June. I'd appreciate any feedback on what this sounds like to anyone. Don't worry, I know people are not drs here & aren't here to diagnose. Just need feedback badly. Thank You!

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    Re: Gastric issues


    This is just a courtesy reply to let you know that your post was moved from its original place to a sub-forum that is more relevant to your problem.

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    Re: Gastric issues

    Where was my post moved to?

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    Please reply to my post as I need feed back. Thank You!

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    Re: Gastric issues

    Hi, the only feedback I can offer is I have terrible gastric issues as well :( I've read that a major diet change can cause gastric issues maybe look into that? Also are the candies you are eating full of sugar or sweetener-I've heard both can cause issues?

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