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Thread: Propranolol + Low Blood Pressure?

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    Propranolol + Low Blood Pressure?

    Hi! I've been prescribed Propranolol for anxiety while travelling, but I have pretty low blood pressure anyway, I already get dizzy while standing up fast! I haven't taken any yet, but does anyone else have experience of this?

    Cheers guys!

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    Re: Propranolol + Low Blood Pressure?

    Hi Jellie. It sounds like you don't like travelling much by train, right? Well, me neither... Sometimes I would sit next or opposite to such an oddball who would be a total creep but you can't do much about it, can you? Except for going elsewhere in the middle of the journey, but that might cause a conflict of some sort or a stir.... Crowded areas, especially those enclosed ones, were and are doing me problems if I'm honest. I like my escape routes or I just have to avoid crowds.... If I have to travel, I would take the propranolol because it causes your heart to beat slower and your lungs to breathe little less... Effectively, your blood pressure would drop slightly, and even if you had an attack of panic, all of the sudden because of something or somebody, the propranolol would keep you physically less impulsive and less responsive to that stress reaction... Nonetheless, it cannot wipe out your anxiety totally... You might still retain these discomforting feelings whenever under stress, but it will certainly help you manage the way you will respond in those anxiety situations.

    I personally choose to close my eyes on trains and pretend that I'm having a nap. When the train is about to stop, I will open my eyes a little and have a quick look at the person next to me, if he seems to be getting off the train or not, and if not, then I would continue sleeping. Another good hint is simply asking the person next to you, before you go for this nap, when is he going to be getting of the train (Excuse me, do you mind me asking at what station are you getting off? It's just that I might be having a nap...). You know, he knows, everything is fine. It helps a lot
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