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Thread: Get a plan and get on it

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    Re: Get a plan and get on it

    Thank you so much for these pointers, I've started my plan of action to take back control of my life. It involves accommodating more time for exercise, good eating with supplements, stretches and meal prep. The vast majority of the illnesses and diseases we fear with HA can be prevented, if not mitigated by truly beneficial exercise and a good lifestyle.

    I'll see if I can arrange seeing a GP every six weeks but the surgery I have to go to is a very busy one so they might not be able to help in that regard. A regular check up just to see if anythings changed would be ideal for everyone but of course cutbacks in funding and support will make it difficult unless you go private.

    I'm starting a CBT exercise training course in a few weeks which I am looking forward to, a good couch to 5k run with people will do me good as well.

    For me, HA is making me feel powerless and pathetic, so anything I can do to fight off that feeling is great.

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    Re: Get a plan and get on it

    Solid advice Chris, I've suffered with depression and anxiety for years, the first piece of advice I give to others is simply don't let it beat you. Sounds pretty obvious to non sufferers but those few words can be just the inspiration you need.

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    Re: Get a plan and get on it

    Thank you, this post has actually helped a lot - making me think there is hope to actually overcome this. I'm actually pretty new to HA - its only been going on for 2 months, I can't imagine how it must be for some of you to deal with it for years, this past 2 months have felt like the longest and worst two months of my life. In the past 2 months I've self diagnosed myself with 4 different cancers that were all disproven by my doctor but each time I will find a new symptom to be worried about right now.

    Like literally this morning my doctor checked and made sure my lymph nodes are okay and now 8 hours later I am obsessing over a bump in my neck that my physiotherapist said is just a tiny peace of cartilage or something like that that grew there for no reason and I must've had it forever but I just keep being like HOW DOES HE KNOW?? HOW DID I NOT NOTICE IT BEFORE?? You probably know how it goes.

    Anyway I guess this gives me a little bit of hope because right now this feels endless but it seems like some of you managed to get better. I can't keep on living like this, I just want my life back and to feel a normal bodily sensation without automatically coming up with 5 kinds of possible cancer in my head...

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    Re: Get a plan and get on it

    Joined this morning and your post was one of the first I read. Really helpful, thank you

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