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Thread: Nobody Else Understands

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    Nobody Else Understands

    It's pointless talking about health anxiety to people who have never experienced health anxiety. Sadly this includes many doctors too - yes they have professional training and you should obviously speak to them about physical symptoms, but when it comes to discussing your health anxiety sometimes it's like you are banging your head against a brick wall.

    Unless you've been down in the belly of this beast, where virtually every minute of your life is consumed by an irrational focus on your own bodily symptoms, then you simply don't understand the condition.

    I have been there, and if you don't believe me please read my first ever post on this forum:

    I was a complete mess and my life was spiralling out of control, all caused by fear of disease and illness.

    You may, right now, be in the same place as I was, thinking that there is no hope, no way out from this. I can tell you 100% that there is. I am now free of Health Anxiety and have been for a number of years. Life is SO much better when you beat this. And I did not need anti-depressants or therapy from any experts who haven't been through what I went through. I'm not knocking CBT, I'm just saying that I didn't need it. And I believe that you can't be any worse than I was, so you probably don't need it either.

    I would welcome your comments below, but the message I want you to take from this rare thread of mine (I'm very busy at the moment with work but don't want to abandon you guys!), is that YOU CAN BEAT YOUR HEALTH ANXIETY AND GET YOUR 'OLD' LIFE BACK. It just takes a modicum of willpower and an open mind, a willingness to try to get better.

    Thanks for reading!
    "Absolutely the best book I have ever read on health anxiety. It was obvious that the author struggled with this in his own life and has overcome it. That's what gives hope to others who are going through this. Read this book if you are suffering! It will help you!" - Amazon Reviewer

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    Re: Nobody Else Understands

    Glad to hear that you're doing well, Skippy. Sounds as if everything is working out well for you.

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    Re: Nobody Else Understands

    Thanks Tanner, I'm enjoying life which is the most important thing you can do.

    In 100 years everything will be gone, us, our children, everything we know. Life is about living in the present and enjoying every minute. Health anxiety stops that from happening and it's so sad.

    Once you realise that, you're nearly cured.

    Hope you're doing ok.
    "Absolutely the best book I have ever read on health anxiety. It was obvious that the author struggled with this in his own life and has overcome it. That's what gives hope to others who are going through this. Read this book if you are suffering! It will help you!" - Amazon Reviewer

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    Re: Nobody Else Understands

    I have been free of my health anxiety since January. It is amazing to have my life back. I also thought that it would never get any better. I felt like I was in a hole that I couldn't climb out of. The turning point was when I realized I was wasting my life worrying about death. How ironic would it be if I lived to be 98 and I wasted all that time? We are all going to die one day. I try to make the most of my life now. I also did a lot of CBT exercises. It helped me a lot. Everyone on this site can get better. If you are here you have already make the first step by realizing that you have anxiety. I wish everyone well. It does truly get better!
    Lord, make me an instrument of Your peace; Where there is despair, hope; Where there is darkness, light; And where there is sadness, joy.

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    Re: Nobody Else Understands

    Its the same for all anxiety disorders, depression, CFS/ME, bipolar, etc.

    I really do think that GP's need to be assessed in terms of how they manage mental health problems because they are just not set up to give you any time and don't seem to be much cop at acting as the primary care in coordinating as they seem to view it the same as physical issues where you would be 'transferred' which may not be the case with mental health problems where your therapist can't tackle medication issues.

    All the best to anyone who recovers from these conditions. I haven't yet, but at least it means there is hope because my GP has inspired none at all. Thats why I joined this place, that and to try to help others.

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    Re: Nobody Else Understands

    I'm so glad you beat it. Great post.

    For me it's a game of two halves; I totally get and understand what you are saying. My rational side believes in it wholeheartedly. However the 'dark' side cannot fully allow me to believe it. It stems from my daughter nearly dying at 2 because Drs said she was fine and two hours later she was blue lighted, in a coma to Alder Hey. That feeling will never ever leave me and it also means I never believe any drs or my own instincts about health - for her and myself. It's exhausting but I'm not at a place where I can let it go, each time I have a new symptom my mind says 'This is it! This is the one thing that will get you!'

    I've wasted nearly 9 years being like this and whilst I do have good days, I have not found a way to accept the uncertainty of life and let it go.

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