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Thread: sensitive teeth - extremely worriexd

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    sensitive teeth - extremely worriexd

    Hi there, for a swhile now i have been suffering from sensitive teeth and im to scared to go to the dentist. Im worried i have gum desiese as my gums feel sore and im very worried my teeth are going to fall out. I dont know what to do and i also have ta slight ache over one side. Anyone else suffer from teeth problems? I last went to dentist in march and the one i saw was really horrible which i think is putting me off and i feel she was hiding things from me as she said the word loose when looking at my teeth so im worried i have a loose tooth. Does anyone have any advice? Im really freaking out.

    Love louise x
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    Re: sensitive teeth - extremely worriexd

    I too have a fear of my teeth falling out, but sensitivity doesn't mean that. It could mean you have a cavity, or it could even mean you've had a filling there - my dentist gave me several fillings last time I was in (I think they were unnecessary) and now I cannot even eat chocolate on one side because it hurts my teeth!

    The only real way to solve this would be to go an see a dentist. Go to a different one and ask them beforehand to explain to you all the things they see. My dentist has a habit of muttering things to the hygienist in a code I obviously don't understand, and honeslty, I think that's a bit rude. They're my teeth in my mouth - I should at least get a recap at the end of the session (one of the many reasons *I* am switching dentists).

    Whatever it is, I'm sure there's an easy fix. Teeth sensitivity is obviously a very common problem - if it wasn't there wouldn't be so many toothpastes dedicated to it!

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    Re: sensitive teeth - extremely worriexd

    I have sensitive teeth, but none of them are loose. See if you can go to a different dentist louise.I have a special toothpaste on National Health.

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