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Thread: Restarting citalopram day 13

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    Restarting citalopram day 13

    I was off citalopram for approximately 3-4 weeks before i had an episode that scared me so much I just started back on my pills I had left. It has been 13 days and I am still having crazy increased anxiety 24 hours a day and nausea as well as crying on and off and feelig hopeless. I am a stay at home mom and for some reason I can't even be around them without my anxiety going through the roof and it's killing me. I'm so ashamed and I don't understand what's going on. I have been prescribed two weeks of klonopin to help me get by and although it has gotten rid of the physical symptoms of anxiety, the mental ones are still there. My family has been having to take turns taking care of my kids and although they love it and think it's some sort of vacation it is killing me that I can't just so my normal day to day tasks. It's so much harder this time and with different symptoms like intrusive thought and worries that would nevER be possible. I'm just looking for someone who has been though a similar expirience or a success story. Any kind of hope to pull me through this. Thank you for reading.

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    Re: Restarting citalopram day 13

    Hey there I'm in a similar posistion to you im also a stay at home mum I'd came off citalopram and just couldn't cope it was so scary so now I'm bk on them it's day 20 for me although alot of side effects have wore off for me I'm like you having horrible thoughts n racing mind and basically just can't settle I also feel it's never going to get better but I've had ppl reassure me it will but it's going to take time, I also have blurred vision and my head just feels strange, but the mental side n the feeling off loosing my mind is scaring me most of all :(

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