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    Feeling hopeless again

    Hi there - I'm new to the forum and was hoping finding somewhere like this could be of some help to me.

    I've suffered with depression and anxiety since my early teens (I'm now 23) and for the past two years or so feelings of depression became subsided and I felt more in control of my anxiety, I felt the happiest I'd ever been and things were great. Recently my anxiety has become more intense and feelings of depression have returned - my self esteem/the way I feel about myself is at an all time low. It's effecting my social life in not wanting to speak to friends or family (in general). I've lost any interest in the things I used to enjoy doing as a hobby. I'm either getting incredibly irritable or just miserable which I'm scared is effecting my relationship at home with my partner, as he isn't very understanding and tells me to 'chill out' or 'stop being a baby'. Mostly I feel trapped and hopeless at the minute as I can't talk to anybody about what's going on inside my head or the way I'm feeling - even through writing this post it feels like I'm just being melodramatic.

    I feel I should go back to the doctors but I'm unsure about whether I want to go back on to medication or what steps to take as before I felt I had achieved so much in overcoming how low I used to be and feeling in control, to now just be back to feeling like this feels hopeless.

    Any advice or anything at all would be much appreciated.

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    Re: Feeling hopeless again

    Have you any idea why you improved during those two years ?

    Did you have something positive to focus on ? Were there relationships in your life that you were benefiting from ? Was there something raising your self esteem ?

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