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Thread: Anyone had a complex cyst that was benign? So worried.

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    Anyone had a complex cyst that was benign? So worried.

    I am having a laparoscopy in a couple of weeks as an ultrasound in June showed an 8cm cyst which was originally thought to be simple but when I was referred to a gynaecologist (I had a large cyst 8 years ago which was drained so they referred me due to my history) they got another ultrasound as the first one wasn't clear. This was done by a very experienced lady (apparently) and she spent a long time and took 18 pictures then said it was complicated and there were several types of cyst but she didn't see anything that worried her. I went back to the gynaecologist who said the cyst was 8-9cm and complex but there was some rectovaginal septum involvement which made him think endometriosis but the ca125 was low at 19 so that seemed to write off the endo idea. He said the cyst was like a twisted balloon in that it had 2 or 3 compartments. I asked about cancer and he said it doesn't look malignant and didn't seem concerned about that idea. So he said he would do a diagnostic laproscopy and maybe take the cyst out if it turns out to be simple or haemorrhagic if it was complex or there was endo he will refer to the endo clinic he runs (he is an endo specialist and has 30 years experience as a gynaecologist). I also had a bad pelvic inflammatory infection 5 years ago so there may be damage/adhesions from that.

    I am just scared it is cancer. Everything I read about cysts with compartments says dodgy and can be malignant. I hate the fact that they don't really know what is going on in there and what they might find. I don't know if I am more scared of the op itself or the result!

    Some stories of complex cysts that turned out ok might calm me down temporarily if anyone has one!

    Thank you

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    Re: Anyone had a complex cyst that was benign? So worried.

    I haven't had any experience with cysts but I'm thinking if the ca125 was too low to suggest endo, wouldn't that also mean it was too low to suggest cancer?

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    Re: Anyone had a complex cyst that was benign? So worried.

    Sadly not. In premenopausal women it can show low results if cancer is present or not and the same for high
    I think they do it as a matter of routine and because if there is endometriosis it will be raised.

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    Re: Anyone had a complex cyst that was benign? So worried.

    I knew that the CA125 can be low in the early stages of ovarian cancer.
    I had the test recently because I was getting very low dragging pains in my abdomen, lower back ache, irregular periods etc.
    It came back as normal and I haven't been referred for an ultrasound. I know my GP said that it's not a screening test, and not to panic if it came back raised.

    Sorry not to be any help.x

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    Just Googled CA125 and endometriosis, and it seems that the test isn't sensitive enough to detect mild to moderate endo - so don't rule it out.x

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