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Thread: Is anything actually wrong or not?

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    Is anything actually wrong or not?

    It all started yesterday when my mom and I went to the post office to drop off mail. I wanted to put it in the mailbox so I had to reach over (since she was driving) and twist my body in the weirdest position. After that, my neck started feeling weird/sore. I was fine until the next day. I went to bed around 4:30-5am which I have done numerous times before. I remember tossing and turning into lots of weird positions during the night but I have done that before. I set my alarm for 2pm instead of the usual 1:30. When I woke up and turned to one side, I felt dizzy. Dizzy laying down. The room was moving up and down, it was awful! I was still half asleep so it couldn't have been from anxiety cause I wasn't fully awake to think. I went back to sleep for a little bit to see if that would help but when I woke up, I was still feeling dizzy. I slowly got up and ate my usual breakfast. The dizziness continued for a little while after that but eventually stopped. I know it's possible I had low blood sugar but I always sleep that late and never wake up feeling dizzy. I also have had a headache off/on as well as nausea. I wasn't able to eat as much today. My neck and the back of my head have also felt weird at times. My mom thinks it's all anxiety. But Idk...I'm just really worried! Does it sound like anything is wrong? Does it sound like a virus? Or does it sound like I'm stressing from the dizziness that I experienced when I woke up?

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    Re: Is anything actually wrong or not?

    Dizzyness is a massive part of anxiety and the more you stress the more it comes on I was dizzy for a whole 5 months before you can also get vertigo where you feel dizzy all the time but been in a funny position and hurting your neck can cause dizzyness as your muscles in your neck will be strained you will realise once you stop worrying the dizzyness will slowly become less , iv had dizzyness to the point I was walking sideways and actually walked into wall and loss balance ! Lack of sleep can pay a major part in it too

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    Also if you have iron problem it can cause extreme dizzyness

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    Re: Is anything actually wrong or not?

    You don't have to be fully awake to feel anxious. I woke up panicking loads of times, actually the panic is more intense in dreams. Anxiety can cause muscle tightness so the weird feeling on your neck might be that and a tight neck can cause headaches.Are you taking anything for your anxiety? And for your neck I would recommend a relaxing bath, maybe few drops of chamomile oil can relax your muscles. Hope this helps and hope you feel better soon.

    By the way I forgot to add that I woke up dizzy about a week ago. It was more like a vertigo. As a massive worrier, I didn't care that much and it hasn't happened again.

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