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Thread: 5 days of pain now. Not sure if related to other issues.

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    5 days of pain now. Not sure if related to other issues.

    Alright, time for the fun stuff. I've been constipated for a while now and was straining last Sunday and suddenly there was pain in a spot to the right of my belly button. I have had this pain before, back when I was dealing with H pylori. But, after being on medication for that, I hadn't felt this pain again. For the first day, it hurt terribly to bend over, lift something, or even lying down in bed. Since then, it has gotten better, but it also hasn't disappeared. I guess I'm most curious as to what this pain could be and I'm wondering whether it is likely related to the constipation or not.

    There is NO pain when pushing on the spot and releasing. The location also doesn't seem to suggest a hiatal hernia since it isn't up in my chest. The pain also hasn't moved at all and is in this one very specific location. On Sunday, the pain was probably a 7 or 8, but it's now at a 2 or 3. I went to my doctor yesterday and she is recommending I take prilosec again along with some probiotics and miralax, but I think that's for the constipation issue and not this pain.

    Do they sound related? Has anyone else experienced pain in this location like this?

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    Re: 5 days of pain now. Not sure if related to other issues.

    I experienced it after giving birth it was there for weeks - about 4 i think. Mine was due to a pulled muscle from labour. (Ouch) uv maybe pulled a muscle from straining. P.s u should never strain. Can lead to lots of problems
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