We have mice both in my uni house and my house at home.
At uni my housemates are discusting and there were mouse droppings on the surfaces which I made food next to before realising they were mouse droppings!
I then had to bleach the entire kitchen by myself cause no-one else seemed to realise how dangerous these animals are.
At home there have been mice droppings and I bleached them and washed my hands etc.
But my mum vaccummed and your not meant to.
We haven't caught them yet as we are trying to find a live trap that works as we are against killing them.
But I don't want to get ill or my mum to die from these infestations! Especailly as mice droppings are one thing but you can't see the urine or saliva and it's probably everywhere! Aaaah.
Does anyone know the likelihood of us getting the virus and if I bleach the floor morning and night, if that will prevent it!

I've been getting stomach pains and feeling sick/headaches alot recently and I'm worried I have the virus!