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Thread: stretch marks

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    stretch marks

    Oh my god even my stretch marks on my right boob has freaked me out, because it looks like a white circle, I'm trying to find anything to scare myself, think I will bath in the dark from now on xxx

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    Re: stretch marks

    I get freaked out by marks on my boobs too. I have lost weight and the skin of my boobs looks a bit crepe-y (if that makes sense?) like kind of wrinkly (God, I make myself sound so attractive lol!) if I pull it? I worry because my Mom had breast cancer and freak out a lot over my boobs cause they often feel lumpy and bumpy and change a lot.

    It's just a stretch mark hun, skin on our boobies is delicate so marks there can look a bit different. Don't worry about it, I am covered in the blighters!


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    Re: stretch marks

    I know, its hard to see it for what it is when you are anxious, thank you though xx

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    Re: stretch marks


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    Re: stretch marks

    Stretch marks are perfectly normal. Nothing to worry about.

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