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Thread: Palpitations ... Feel different.

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    Palpitations ... Feel different.

    So yesterday I was walking about the shopping centre when all of a sudden I get palpitations but this one seemed to 'hold on' and wasn't justa single beat ... Almost like a fluttering affect, like it had hold or something. Happened about 3 times within a minute. Was really scary. I've had a few ECG's and they were normal and within the last couple months.
    When I was at the doctors last they said it was normal ... But those palpitations felt different.

    Anyone with me?

    Can't get it out my head it's something serious this time :(
    Had an endoscopy at the hospital few days ago too and got myself so worked up.


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    Re: Palpitations ... Feel different.

    I get this alot and more when in out shopping and in public. Its all in the mind. Nothing serious. I am going through exactly the same. You are not alone.

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