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Thread: Weird head sensations/brain movement (Brain tumor fear)

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    Weird head sensations/brain movement (Brain tumor fear)

    Okay, this is my number one anxiety symptom. I want to know if it's really anxiety or something else. I keep getting these strange sensations in my head as if my brain is moving. I'm just gonna make a list

    - Feeling like my brain is moving or being moved inside my head
    - Feeling foggy in my head like I can't think properly sometimes
    - Occasionally feeling dizzy or off balance
    - Daily headaches and one sided headaches
    - Head shivers or head chills like a sort of goosebumps type feeling usually on one side and usually very subtle
    - Forgetting things i wanna say of do or mixing up what im supposed to be saying/doing
    - Constant depersonilisation
    - Overall feeling of dread

    Is this all anxiety? Does anyone relate? Because this has me scared more than anything else. Sometimes I experience these symptoms without having any anxiety prior. Also I'm not on any meds if that's what you're thinking.

    This is ruining my day to day life but I'm too scared to go to the doctor in case he tells me I have a brain tumor something. I also have a bad habbit of grinding my teeth and it can cause my ear to pop sometimes. I dunno if that could be related in anyway. Thanks.

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    Re: Weird head sensations/brain movement (Brain tumor fear)

    I totally relate to this,I have all the above symptoms plus a few more,all are classic anxiety symptoms

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    Re: Weird head sensations/brain movement (Brain tumor fear)

    Yes. I've experienced the symptoms you describe many times. Especially a few years ago when my health anxiety mostly circled around fears of tumours and cancer.

    I would get stabbing pains in the back of my head some days, dull headaches, severe dizziness and a general feeling of sluggishness. It would often feel like I was being drugged or severely sleep deprived even when I wasn't. The stress of the situation led to general nervousness with accompanying panic attacks and difficulty speaking and focusing.

    This went on for a year or so until I managed recognize the pattern of the symptoms and the fearful thoughts that related to them. This after seeing a number of doctors and a CBT therapist over the course of a year. I finally was able to accept the sensations for what they where; anxiety, and move on.

    Since then I've developed brand new symptoms and anxiety regarding different things,
    but that's how it goes, isn't it? If you patch one hole up, another one breaks open unless you treat the actual cause of the symptoms, which is of course, all stress and anxiety. I haven't gotten there myself so far, but I'm working on it.

    Don't fall into the trap of trying to figure out if the symptoms trigger the anxiety or the other way around like I did for years. The symptoms ARE the anxiety.

    I hope you feel better, and try not to panic. If you like, you can always fire away a PM. We're all here for the same reason after all.

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    Re: Weird head sensations/brain movement (Brain tumor fear)

    i can relate to all these symptoms. head shivers iv been having quite a lot this week.

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    Re: Weird head sensations/brain movement (Brain tumor fear)

    Yep, if you read my recent posts it is basically related to the same as what you've typed although I didn't have as much ease explaining it as you appear to have!
    I've no idea how to overcome it and its doing me in bit by bit. I try to just get on with things but it intensifies and I feel like I'm gonna faint if I don't lay down. It sucks.
    I've been telling myself its anxiety and to a point I think I believe it but I worry what of its not? Even if it is I just want it to go away but don't know how...I guess I've kinda been searching here for an answer...

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    Re: Weird head sensations/brain movement (Brain tumor fear)

    Not alone my main anxiety is brain tumour or for some odd reason dietary ,,,, like coaliec disease etc turns out my gut isn't good was in a n e last night for it as my stomach swelled like a ballon..... Putting that to aside now it next day and now feel funny tingling hands face not feeling with it convinced it brain tumour with the odd head pain now and then and eye floaters ( especially when try look out for them ) always had them even as little kid I used sit in class looking out window and chase them threw the sky..... Funny how got anxiety now and can't reason they always been there... Doctor done everything short of ct or Mri as my body signals receivers are beyond normal...... No matter how much they assure me it doesn't go ,.... We all stuck on this anxiety rollercoaster while a few of us will get off some people are stuck on it for months and years ! The beauty of human body is tho is it extremely adaptable especially if you open your mind too it.... As soon as we accept it the easier it gets the better you get ! Especially if you are having werid detected derealisation or depersonalisation! I noticed if you sit there wondering what going on getting scared and more worried and try fight it you end up making yourself feel crazy if you sit there and take it tents to calm or go away to s level that's copeable! Hope you find comfort and if have any questions or need someone panic too feel free to PM me

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