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Thread: Anyone ever done this?

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    Anyone ever done this?

    Health-orieinted OCD sufferer here. Recently during a panic attack related to me fearing that I had Leukemia, I randomnly had this deja-vu like premonition type thing, kinda like a voice, but not an auditory hallucination, that told me I was going to die in 114 days. That would be April 26th! Has something similar happened to anyone else here? I'm freaking out about this!

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    Re: Anyone ever done this?

    Yes. About 8 years ago it was, it came from nowhere and was so random. The date was very clear, it was about 3 months away and I was basically a nervous wreck the entire time! I even said goodbye to some family members the week before but didn't dare tell anyone as I believed that would 'confirm' my fate.

    I remember the day coming, and I tried to carry on as normal and then decided to go to the gym in the evening as I thought it might be a good distraction. Nothing happened lol, midnight came and went and I felt like I had a second chance at life!

    Never happened since, well it almost has but I just try to laugh it off and distract myself. Please try not to worry, there is no power in these thoughts, it's definitely anxiety/OCD and trying to gain some control in a scary world.

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    Re: Anyone ever done this?

    Yes I had something similar a number of years ago, thinking I knew I was going to die at a certain age. I didn't die, which made me realise that it was merely a fear thought.

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    Re: Anyone ever done this?

    Thank goodness for this website. I had the same EXACT problem. I had a deja vu moment and the voice told me that i was going to die in 2024. Here i am looking for people who had a similar experience and lived. Thank you thank you thank you. Im not crazy and I'm not going to die! Yay!

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    Re: Anyone ever done this?

    Slightly similar, but I have always had this strange feeling about March 21st. Every time that date is approaching I feel strange and a bit worried.

    With the deja vu feeling, I remmeber jokingly saying to a group of friends once that my cause of death would be alcohol-related, and I felt a strange cold feeling that was similar to a deja vu, almost like there was some element of truth in it.

    I still drink alcohol (probably too much of it).

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    Re: Anyone ever done this?

    well the good news is that will not happen to you jabberwoxx. Since my last visit here I've had DOZENS of deja vu moments. I then imagine terrible things happening to me in a specific time. None have happened. Also, strovebe is still alive. I just talked to him a few weeks ago on a different forum.

    Also, deja vu is not a rip in space and time, or a sign of psychic powers. Its a tiny seizure in the brain that most people experience once in a great while. Almost like a hiccup in the brain. (Its possible that you experienced deja vu due to the alcohol that night. Haha.)

    In fact, people with epilepsy experience deja vu before a full blown seizure. But you have nothing to be worried about. This happens to almost everyone.

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