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    Smile Pain and dull ache on left side of shoulder, back and under left breast

    Hey I'm claire,25 and have had anxiety for the last 4 years. I have been lucky in that I haven't suffered any symptoms for last 2 years but since having my second baby 2 months ago it has came back full wack :( however from my previous anxiety I have not been able to swallow food properly and need the aid of a drink by my side as I'm scared of choking :(

    I was wondering if anyone has experienced these symptoms before as a result of anxiety or from something else. I'm always focused that it to do with my heart or lungs or that I'm not able to eat normally.

    For the last three weeks I have been suffering from constant dull ache on my left side, under my left breast and in my left shoulder. It get worse in the evenings and when I eat . I've got a doctors appt next Monday but I'm so scared it's something more serious. I'm do find relief in massaging the left shoulder and it constantly cracks :( has anyone had anything similar? I also haver a tender spots on the left side near my armpit which are quite painful when touched.

    I've also noticed that in suffering with more problems with constipation and wind sorry if tmi

    Thankyou and any ideas or reassurance would be greatly appreciated I feel so whiny and silly when try to speak to my partner or family. I just to get back to my normal self especially with three young children to look after and a job I'm going back to in a month :'(

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    Re: Pain and dull ache on left side of shoulder, back and under left breast

    it could possibly be gerd or silent reflux and/or trapped wind, symptoms include not being able to swallow food properly or feeling like you cant, and pain increase after eating, iv been having the pain under my left breast and in my left shoulder blade and sometimes it radiates through my chest to my shoulder blade, is yours a dull achy type pain? iv had a little heart burn and been a little windy yesterday but nothing major, iv also had on off pain in my left armpit area, sounds like we have similar symptoms hun and it leads me to be worried about my heart or lungs too :(, I also get a weird feeling and slight weird taste at the back of my throat it feels similar to when acid comes up but I don't get the acid, or at least I don't feel the acid come up like I usually do, it can also make my voice a bit croaky, try not to worry hun it sounds like acid reflux and wind to me, wish I could tell myself the same with my symptoms xx

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