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    Resting heart rate in the 50's but not very fit!?

    So I've been obsessing over my heart rate just before bed.
    After lying down for about 20mins my resting heart rate is averaging between 54-56bpm!!

    I suffer with dizziness but am ok before bed it it's petrifying me! Why is it so low? I am in shape and run about 3k 3 times a week but wouldn't say I was in shape.

    I had a 24 hour ecg last year and this wasn't mentioned... It's just really worrying me now and wondered if anyone else's heart rate is that low??

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    Re: Resting heart rate in the 50's but not very fit!?

    So why would an near perfect resting heart rate be worrisome?

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    Re: Resting heart rate in the 50's but not very fit!?

    Because me being me looked at a chart as to where my ideal resting heart rate should be and apparently it's in the range of an athlete... That's certainly not me!

    Thing is my hearts an odd one - it varies an awful lot so resting at 55bpm but goes up to 190bpm when running!?

    I wish I could just accept and stop being blooming absorbed by this :(

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    Re: Resting heart rate in the 50's but not very fit!?

    It means your heart and lungs are in excellent working order. This has only an incidental correlation with body weight.

    Perhaps anxiety has even helped here. The adrenaline has caused your heart to have a workout even when your body isn't, and it's approaching athlete strength as a result!

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