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Thread: Breast Issues

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    Breast Issues

    Hello, today i have been worrying about my breasts. When im in the bath they always seem a funny shape and just not normal. I constantly worry about breast cancer as my nan died from breast cancer. There doesnt seem to be a lump or anything and both breast look a bit funny. My breasts are quite big so not sure if that has anything to do with it. Or maybe im wearing the wrong size bra. Anyone else have this? any reassurance? This is controlling my life.

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    Love Louise xxxxxxxxxx

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    Re: Breast Issues

    Hi Louise I'm so sorry you're worried about this. I'm almost positive it's nothing to worry about, my boobs always look different at different times of the month. A few months ago I had really bad health anxiety about getting breast cancer, I went to my gp and she reffered me to a breast clinic for peace of mind. My anxiety was through the roof at this point. When I went i had an ultra sound and everything was fine. So I spent such a long time worrying about nothing! But my advice to you is if you are concerned go to the doctors. It's always best to have peace of mind - anxiety and worry only makes things 1000000 things worse! I'm currently waiting for smear results after having a few symptoms and I am really panicking! But please try not to, if you ever need to chat I'm here love claire xxx

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