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Thread: Currently reducing Cit

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    Currently reducing Cit

    Hi all,

    I'm currently reducing my Cit from 30mg to 0mg over the next three weeks. I'm not on day 2 of 20mg. It is normal to feel horrendous.....anxious as hell and not far away from a panic attack

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    Re: Currently reducing Cit

    A lot of people on here recommend a 10% reduction and I recently asked MrAndy who gave me a link to MIND's website where they also stated this. So, perhaps you should do it more gradually and the withdrawal syndrome will be greatly reduced? I did a search and found the Royal board the UK's psychiatrists are affiliated to also say the same. So, GP's are really ignorant on withdrawal of these meds.

    I came off it the old way, because I hadn't been on here back then, so went 20-10mg and then 10-0mg. The first drop was ok with a few days of head zaps, dizziness & cottonwool head. The final drop gave me about 15 days of it and it was worst but it was tolerable and nothing like the start up side effects which always seem far worse for me.
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