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Thread: Back to square 1?

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    Back to square 1?

    I started lexapro two weeks ago at 10 MG twice a day. The first week I was still tapering off my I have only been fully on lexapro for a week. Last week I was starting to feel better. I was about 75% there and like myself again. But today I feel completely back at square 1 with my anxiety and depression. I feel HORRIBLE and unable to do anything. Do you think I just need to keep waiting it out? I'm so scared.

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    Re: Back to square 1?

    Hi, many medications take a few weeks to start working properly and i'm sure it will only be a short time before you have relief. I hope you feel much better soon x

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    Re: Back to square 1?

    Have you been on it before ?

    I have been on it now 10 weeks at 10mg and still feel awful, hope it works for you. I am thinking of giving Pristiq a try, it has worked for me in the past but not sure it will work again ?

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    Re: Back to square 1?

    you have to wait it out. i felt horrible still for the first month or so but it lessened and lessened. it will be alright soon enough

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