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Thread: Busperone for 2 weeks now at 15mg

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    Busperone for 2 weeks now at 15mg

    I have been on busperine now for 2 weeks and have seen no improvement yet .
    I am just hoping it takes a while to get into my system .
    I have recently stopped mirtazapine & pregabalin which I have been on for 18 Mths .
    My anxiety level is the highest it has ever and I have had to close my business at present due to feeling that bad .
    I have diazepam 15 mg per day for a short while and also some sleeping tablets as I have not been sleeping at all .
    Hopefully somebody can reassure me that these will eventually work or can advise me of a better one with not too many side affects .

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    Re: Busperone for 2 weeks now at 15mg

    Check with your Doctor but if 15 mg diazapam worked then the buspar may not be enough
    Buspar worked for me but so did 2mg diazapam. or half a mg Ativan.


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    Re: Busperone for 2 weeks now at 15mg

    Hi Davit ,
    I am not taking so much diazepam at present & my doctor has increased busperine to 20mg per day .
    How long was you on busperine for before you noticed any affects .
    Was it instant or did it take a few weeks to notice any difference .
    Thanks Shaun

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