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Thread: So annoyed!!!

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    So annoyed!!!

    So I've been feeling fine for a few weeks, had a few blips but nothing too major!!!

    But tonight I feel so on edge for some reason. And nothing has given me a reason as to why!!!

    I'm thinking my heart is feeling/beating weird and just feel a tad breathless

    I sort of think it's my anxiety but worrie that because ita come out of the blue that something is wrong!!!

    I've had a funny headache all day which hasn't bothered me but now I'm worried it has something to do with my eyes and I'm going to go blind!!!

    I just don't want my anxiety to come back like it was!!
    Me: what could possibly go wrong????
    Anxiety: well, I'm glad you asked....

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    Re: So annoyed!!!

    Don't suppose you had a drink the day before or something?

    I always get super on edge the day after drinking, I don't drink so much now only at weddings nd birthdays, considering going t total due to the anxiety it brings the next day xx

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