This is both providing information and requesting information.

I've just finished a course of therapy from Rushcliffe Mental Health Team in Nottingham. Towards the end of the sessions, the therapist said I should contact the Nottingham Recovery College for some courses, which might help me.

Apparently he had only just heard of it himself, so could n't give me much information.

I'm wondering if many other patients in Nottingham had n't heard of it either. It might be worth asking your therapist for a referral.

Also, I wonder if anyone else in Nottingham has been there, and has any opinions or advice. I'm due for an introductory session on Monday so would be interested to hear from people who have attended.


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Sorry, should also have mentioned I was diagnosed with Aspergers last year. I'm presuming the college must have had Asperger students before, but I wonder how beneficial it was for them.