I, too, am coming to this thread several years after it began, but find it very interesting. I, too, have been on the fence about whether "adrenal fatigue" is a real thing or not. My GP says no, my nutritionist said yes, and told me my adrenals were shot and had me on a supplement for months. Did it help? Not sure. My anxiety DID get better for a while but was it the supplement for the adrenals or all the other changes I was making to my diet? Or all the other supplements? After three months, I found my anxiety was right back up to where it was when I started, and all the supplements I was ingesting, plus the weekly visits and the expense was getting to be too much, so I stopped seeing him, at least for a while.

I, too, have always seen cycles in my health and mood. I seem to get "ill" about every two weeks. Just for a day or two, and not enough to keep me in bed, but enough to make me wonder what's going on. And since I often can't tell the difference between physical illness versus anxiety symptoms, who knows if it's a physical illness cycle or a mental illness cycle.

Just tagging along in case this thread comes back to life.