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Thread: sertraline to mirtazapine

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    sertraline to mirtazapine

    Hi everyone
    Just keen to see if anyone else had experiencexperiencees the same symptoms when changing from sertraline to mirtazapine

    I was on 200mg sertraline and now taking 15 Mirtazapine. Think I've been on the mirtazapine for just less than a week now. I titrated down by 50mg sertraline every two days and started the Mirtazapine. Now I know Mirtazapine is sedative, and I definitely have been feeling the effects of it in that way. No wonder the doc said he didn't think he needed to prescribe me any More zopiclone!
    So Upon waking I've been feeling very lethargic.

    Today got example, stayed up to watch the fight and took Mirtazapine about 0700... Was asleep shortly afterwards but I was tired anyways. I slept until about 1800 and today is when ice felt the worst. So tired, throat so sore and coughing loads of crap up so guessing I was Snoring like God knows what. I can't describe what I'm feeling exactly, the best way to put it is a lottle confused, dizzy and I keep getting these dizzy spekls that are like waves or zaps and I find myself grabbing onto things as I feel with each Zap I'm going to fall down. Just a bit worried as I'm back at work on Wednesday and really can't be going if I keep.feeling like this. Is this normaI? Something that will.wil go away? I think I ought to go back to docs but should I just wait it out, I mean it's not been long and I'm.only on a low dose.
    Thanks in advance all.

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    Apologies for the Numerous spelling errors, concentrating on typing on my phone is another thing not going so well right now

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    Re: sertraline to mirtazapine

    Are you saying that you stayed up all night to watch two men beating the cr*p out of each other, then you took mirtazapine and went to bed at 7:00 am the next morning?

    If so, of course you woke up feeling awful, coughing up stuff, and deservedly so - nothing to do with mirtazapine.

    Check back in when you are keeping steady hours, but don't blame mirtazapine if you aren't.

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    Re: sertraline to mirtazapine

    Yes that's what I'm saying. That was just an example. My sleeping pattern gets messed up with shift work anyway. All other days that I gave been to bed at a normal time I've experienced the same things.

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    It's not the sleeping that's concerning me, it's the intermittent waves/zaps inlm experiencing that is

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    Re: sertraline to mirtazapine

    when I first started taking mirtazapine I got arthritis feelings etc..I went to sleep and got night terrors....that jolted me off the bed like a scalded cat

    but worse still things that would usually anger me on a scale of 1 out of ten angered me 10 out of 10

    awful drug

    stopped the anxiety though dead killed it like a size 11 stomping on a wasp

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    Re: sertraline to mirtazapine

    Hi ohwell,

    Sorry to hear about your side effects with mirtazapine. Everything you mention - painful limbs, jolts at night, and loss of mood control - are known side effects of mirtazapine. Usually people only get one, but you got three, which totally sucks.

    Nevertheless, fortunately, most people don't get these side effects, or they are temporary.

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    Hi cw,

    My advice is to get away from shift work if you can. It's bad enough for ordinary people, but for people with mood disorders that are in a fragile state it is a major disruption.

    Mirtazapine causes zaps - in my experience they start up 30 minutes to an hour after taking a dose, and last for an hour or so. They are much more apparent if I am lying down trying to sleep. In my case, I can usually work my dose timing so that it's not a problem.

    Good luck with them - these meds aren't perfect, but they are much better than what people had a few years ago, and for the moment, they're all we have.

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