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Thread: Testicular lump on the back of my left testicle!!!

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    Testicular lump on the back of my left testicle!!!

    Right at the bottom, and in the back i have a lump on my left testicle, it feels.. squidgy. It's not a hard lump but it worries me.. and there is no pain.. I'm really scared please help me. To be honest I tried to check if its attached to the testicle but I'm not sure, I feel like it's not and sometimes I feel like it is.
    I think I found it months ago..

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    I forgot to mention, it's also a bit sensitive to touch, it feel weird after I "analize" it and it's visible by the way
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    Re: Testicular lump on the back of my left testicle!!!

    I'm not one to say run off to the doctor for reassurance but no one can tell you what it is. Best to see your doctor.

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    Re: Testicular lump on the back of my left testicle!!!

    There's a lot going on at the back of both test's, tubes and pipes anything pea sized that's hard needs to be checked out but go to a DR and get him to have a rub!

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    Re: Testicular lump on the back of my left testicle!!!

    Does it feel like a bag of worms? Either way, ask your doctor to examine it for you to be safe. It could be something innocent or easily treatable so try not to think the worst.
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