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Thread: Collarbone lymph node

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    Collarbone lymph node

    I was over thuis, but it came back! I have few small palpable nodes in neck but one on left collarbone and is freaking me out! I did have a ct scan - to reassure me and I WAS, I was so happy when doctor told me not to worry is from viral infection... But now I am thinking the scan might have missed the collarbone node and cancer is spreading everywhere! I also have a stuffed nose for months and a cough sometimes. Vague pain at left side! HELP!!!

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    Re: Collarbone lymph node


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    Re: Collarbone lymph node

    It is getting worse and worse... I don't know what to do anymoren... The collarbone thing is still there... I wish I could rely on the CT-scan, but... I wish I wouldn't worry so much... It's terrible...
    Can anyone feel glands above their collarbone?

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    Re: Collarbone lymph node

    You need to try to relax. I bet your clavicle is very tender from you constantly probing it lol. You had a CT scan and ur doc says its fine try to believe them and stop probing for nodes. Try to limit urself from touching them. Stay calm and enjoy life!

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    Re: Collarbone lymph node

    Dear Nivekc251

    Thank you for the reassurance. I know you are right, but is not simple.
    I tell myself everyday that I have to leave it alone, but... it is stronger than myself... Anyway, I am going to try.

    The doc (and also specialist looked at scan) didn't even mention something about the collar bone lymph node... so I guess when they had the slightest worry, they would mention it...

    Although I've read some stories online (of course) where someone eventually had cancer despite only a pea-size lymph node...

    Why is this so hard? I wish I never felt this area, I wouldn't even know... I wish I could be normal... :(

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