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Thread: Youtubers! Thinking of Starting a Channel? :)

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    Youtubers! Thinking of Starting a Channel? :)

    Hi guys! Hope you are all well today!
    I've been thinking of starting myself a YouTube channel mainly themed around anxiety/depression and other mental issues and I do plan on advertising this website as it has helped me so so so much!!

    Anyway I'd like your guys advice as I'm doing it, not only my own benefit, but for everyone on here and anyon else I could possibly help!! So what would you guys like to see or what would you find helpful?
    My background story?
    How I cope?
    What is anxiety?
    What is a panic attack? Etc
    Remember its what you guys wanna see!!!

    All ideas are welcome! Would really appreciate!! Thank you!!
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    Re: Youtubers! Thinking of Starting a Channel? :)

    You should start by thinking about what would be most helpful to you as an individual. Your first episode would need to talk about you and what you've been through, and very importantly, what you're doing to permanently recover. Start with what you know, as they say. Have something to aim for, so for example by the end of the series you should be aiming to overcome a major issue to show people that it can be done.

    You should not give the impression at any time that these conditions cannot be beaten. You should also look at the kind of things that trigger people's anxiety, such as references to death, hopelessness etc. And emetophobia is pretty common, so make sure that nobody pretends to throw up!

    Keep it lively, and if you can source your own music, do that, otherwise Youtube might delete the audio (I believe they just mute the specific copyrighted music now instead of muting the whole video but I could be wrong).

    When you are editing a video, ADD THE MUSIC IN LAST.

    ALWAYS keep a separate copy of the video that DOESN'T HAVE ANY MUSIC AT ALL, in case you upload a video with music which gets muted. You can then re-upload it without music, or create another copy and add different music to it.
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