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Thread: Breast clinic referral

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    Breast clinic referral

    Hello, I'm not 100% sure how this works as I've just quickly signed up because it seemed like a nice, less scary website than some of the ones I've seen, I've been reading the reassurance other people have been given and I'm a bit scared of putting this out there but going to do it anyway, just in case anyone has any words of advice or reassurance or has been/ is in the same situation.

    A few weeks ago I found a lump in my right breast that slides to the left when pressed. I do check my breasts but I found this by being really really thorough and feeling from a certain angle. This is unusual for me but I don't actually remember what made me go looking so thoroughly- this scares me more as I feel like it may have been the localised tenderness to that area I had been experiencing- very mild, but it was there. Also, it may probably not be relevant but I am absolutely tiny in that area so maybe that's why I noticed it more easily. I went to my GP and she listened to all my concerns and examined me thoroughly and couldn't feel anything. Before I left I asked if I could feel for it and guide her to it and she said of course, so I did and she said it felt like normal breast tissue. However, because of the way the lump moves when felt I can tell if it's being felt and I don't think I felt it moving. I must have felt reassured at the time because I left the office then, she told me to stop worrying and stop constantly prodding it and the area.

    I suppose I should mention at this point that I do have severe health anxiety and I have done for a long time. I was ok for a few days and then the time came to go on a family holiday and I became extremely anxious about my breast again, and started experiencing some nerve pain- like pains in the side of my breast, under my arm, and tingling, pricking, and tenderness. Both my nipples also felt tender, but now the left one's got better and right one is still a bit tender. The pains I get really scare me as they're localised and can be stabby. I've had some pain on the other one but nowhere near as much. It makes me sad to say this but I ruined my holiday for myself with the anxiety, I know I did. And then I got back, having lost nearly a stone in weight because I just couldn't physically seem to eat much, constant panic and crying etc. I went to my GP again but a different one who knows a lot about my anxiety. He said that he would never normally refer someone my age (I'm 18, nearly 19 by the way) but he knows that I will not stop worrying until it is actually looked at and checked out so he was sending me for an ultrasound. He also didn't examine me as he said he didn't need to and he said he felt the pains could be psychosomatic. I know me saying this makes it sound even more like they are, but they're not psychosomatic, I just know they're not. I'm meant to be going on a clubbing holiday with my friend in a week's time (my appointment could have been in that week) and I feel like I physically cannot cope with this, I don't know what to do.

    I have spoken to the breast cancer care helpline quite a bit and have found them extremely helpful. They have highlighted to me how rare it is for someone of my age to have something serious but I cannot not think that I might be that one in half a million or whatever. The lump and pains don't seem to fit the descriptions I've read online for benign fibroadenomas and such. I recognise that I am not a doctor, I'm not medically trained so how can I know what it is. But I'm so so so scared and I've wanted to cancel my holiday but I can't really do that. Also my GP told me, direct quote, to "go on holiday and not give a sh*t- you're too young to worry like this". They are really good and make me feel better but I worry that because of my anxiety they maybe don't think my symptoms are 'real' etc.

    Sorry this was so long, I really hope someone sees this and maybe understands. Thank you x
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    Re: Breast clinic referral

    I am so sorry you are having this worry and i know how it seeps into everything and stopping you from enjoying life.

    However, don't lose sight of the fact that your GP has examined you and found nothing that concerned her. The other GP is referring you for your own peace of mind and hopefully you will be able to let the worry go when they have told you that everything is fine. Don't worry if you are not offered a mammogram - as I understand it, ultrasound is more effective in younger women as breast tissue is more dense.

    Over the years I have had so many lumps and pains and scares as regards my breasts and there have been countless clinic referrals - thankfully to date no cancer has been found. Breast cancer is so high profile these days and we would not be human if we were not frightened by even a hint of a lump, but remember that 9 out of 10 breast lumps are benign and the younger you are, the odds are stacked hugely in your favour.

    You say the lump that concerns you seems to move, which is very reassuring, too. I got to the point that any lump that moved even slightly did not worry me, as they always turned out to be simple, benign cysts. Some grew and were drained, others just disappeared after a while. They can also vary with your monthly cycle, getting more tender and noticeable just before your period.

    Breast and armpit pain is also very common, I have it all the time - shooting, stabbing, tingling - you name it, I have it. My doctor says this kind of pain is often referred pain from the muscles in your back and side.

    Just remember that you have an appointment to be thorougly checked out, but just for your peace of mind, not because your doctor thinks there is anything wrong. You already have on medical opinion that you are fine - now go enjoy that holiday!

    Best wishes from Annie

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    Re: Breast clinic referral

    I had left breast pain for six weeks, finally managed to see Dr who examined me and could find no lumps.
    She said it was probably muscular and the pain has slowly got better !
    I think that constantly prodding my breast made the pain worse.
    I am much older then you.
    Try to accept your doctors advice and forget about your breasts.
    I know it's easier said then done, but I have spent years worrying over my health and nearly all my worries have turned out to be fine.
    Good luck x

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    Re: Breast clinic referral

    I second (third) the advice about leaving it alone and seeing if the pain goes away.

    I just recently had my first ever breast cancer anxiety meltdown over a tiny "lump" that I thought I had found in my left breast. I spent weeks poking and prodding at it 6 or more times a day and the more I poked of course the worse it hurt and the more I worried/poked! After getting three breast exams which didn't find anything, they finally sent me for an ultrasound and found two tiny benign simple cysts - like 4 mm or smaller each. I asked my doctor if that was what I was feeling and she said they were likely too small to feel.

    In retrospect I think I was feeling a part of the muscle underneath because I can only feel it when I hold my arm out at a certain angle. Otherwise I just feel normal breast tissue. After leaving it alone for a week I don't have any more pain/tingling/etc.

    I'm trying really hard to not think about it and leave it alone, even though the anxiety about it is still there.

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    Re: Breast clinic referral

    Thank you for the lovely replies, I really appreciate it. I still haven't managed to get an appointment, I had good distraction today as I saw my friends, although I did ask one of them to feel it and she obviously did bless her, but then I panicked because I thought if she can feel it straight away and the doctor couldn't 3 weeks ago does that mean it's grown etc. I then asked my mum to feel it tonight and she said it didn't feel any different, she thinks it feels like muscle but obviously none of us really know. Avoiding feeling it myself now because 1) I can't feel it without having a panic attack and 2) the area is actually tender and painful to be pressed now, which is scaring me too but yeah.
    Thanks ladies :-) x

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    Re: Breast clinic referral

    Hi Ladies I am new to this but also went to the doctor's this morning for a small moveable lump. My doctor said she thought it was Fibroadenomas as when pressed it feels kind of rubbery and when I feel it it moves about. I felt the same though thinking what if she's just saying that it's nothing to worry about just to make me feel better. But she did say that because of my anxiety she wanted to refer me so it can be checked properly.

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    Re: Breast clinic referral

    Quote Originally Posted by BECKS27 View Post
    Hi Ladies I am new to this but also went to the doctor's this morning for a small moveable lump. My doctor said she thought it was Fibroadenomas as when pressed it feels kind of rubbery and when I feel it it moves about. I felt the same though thinking what if she's just saying that it's nothing to worry about just to make me feel better. But she did say that because of my anxiety she wanted to refer me so it can be checked properly.
    Hope all goes well for you (I'm sure it will as a doctor wouldn't say it was probably fine unless they really thought it was!) there are lots of people on here who have been in the same boat as you that you can chat to xx

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    Re: Breast clinic referral

    Good luck. Always here too if you need a chat.

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