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Thread: 24 Hour Holter Monitor

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    24 Hour Holter Monitor

    Hello from this newbie, I am so glad I came across this website as I am going slightly insane (more than usual!!)

    I had an episode a couple of weeks ago, where I thought I had a migraine, a flickering eye and vision went weird and a pounding head. I was sent home from work.
    I sat down when I got home and I became light-headed, but I also had tingling in my fingertips, only briefly.
    I was slightly concerned so hubby said go to the doctors, and now I wished I hadn't!
    The doctor, listened to my chest, which was fine, he attempted three times in which to take my blood pressure, but nothing; he was concerned that it was very low, so did it manually and said 'you appear to have an irregular heartbeat' gold star! Yes I do and possibly have since birth. I have been to A&E previously and they couldn't find anything; after an op ten years ago I was tachycardic with a heart rate of 170, but no-one seemed concerned.

    Anyway, he hooked me to the ECG at the surgery and three of out four tests were irregular the final was fairly normal for me I guess.

    So he wanted to investigate, so yesterday I had a Holter Monitor fitted. It was ok, but I was a bit paranoid that I had the thing on and it made me conscious of my heartbeat! I filled in the diary with everything I did, and last night I was sat watching TV and became anxious and went into a panic attack hyperventilating for 5mins, until I calmed down. I wrote this down on the diary too.

    Anyone else been like this, I am just scared to my wits end. Normally I just go about my daily life, but this is scaring me so much.

    Thanks for listening

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    Re: 24 Hour Holter Monitor

    I have this condition called bigamininy, which is an irregular but regular heart beat and can be intermittent so sometimes my pulse is 42/44 and sometimes 65.

    Many people are born with this and it is not dangerous.

    After my HA I had the 24 hour Holter monitor approx 10 weeks later and that is standard procedure.

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