Hi all!

So some of you may remember me from here a few months ago with various symptoms and issues. Well I'm pleased to report it's a few months now, I'm not dead, I'm no longer having panic attacks, and I'm enjoying life for the most part, going out meeting new people, and looking back wondering what on earth I was playing at.

When i went to see my GP, I took with me a list of the symptoms I was having... So i thought if i posted it here, you may be able to see just how diverse anxiety can be and maybe help some of you? Here is my symptoms list. Some more embarrassing than others!


• Shortness of breath sometimes or perception of
• Waking up with heart racing very fast (usually if napping lightly)
• Pain in upper back behind shoulder blades (This has been there for some time – before anxiety started)
• Feeling of bloating/fullness in upper abdomen at times
• Harsh heart beat – feels like beating hard but not fast – can feel pulse in head when lying on pillow etc, noticed can visually see stomach and chest jump when lying down. This isn’t all the time.
• Louder than usual tinnitus in both ears
• Permanent feeling of congestion in sinus’
• Random vomiting – will randomly feel a gag for no reason. Sometimes this turns into full vomit. (not usually when anxious)
• Feel tired all of the time/like I need to lie down
• Shaking – Even when feeling relaxed. Often when first waking up, or just sitting around.
• No energy or incentive to do anything
• Waking up with strange ‘tremour’ feeling. Feels like I’m shaking but slowly.. but physically not moving as far as I can tell.
• Jolt in brain, feels like electric shock to brain and will make my arms jerk or feel like I’ve been zapped. Momentary feeling that happens sporadically, usually when lying down or relaxed. Kind of like the ‘falling’ jolt you get when falling asleep. I describe it as ‘brain rebooting’ like an old computer monitor.

• Panic attacks for no reason (not feeling anxious beforehand)
• Lightheadedness (usually randomly sometimes all day)
• Feeling of doom on some days like I’m about to collapse/die
• Excessively jumpy sometimes – sudden noises or sudden movements can make me jump whereas before this wasn’t the case
• Sleeping for too long makes me more jumpy/panicy
• Strange dreams – when semi lucid - like random and unconnected thoughts flying through my mind too quickly for me to work them out.

• Seem to get stuck in my own thoughts sometimes and can’t stop it/can’t concentrate on things – thoughts are usually about my own health, trying to figure out what all my ‘symptoms’ mean

• Feel like I’m going crazy sometimes – like I’ll see something surreal on TV, and think ‘What if I get convinced this is real’ and then start to think I’m going mad – Mum has bipoliar with phsychosis and this has always been a fear for me.

• Feeling of anticipation of something bad happening (I suppose anxiety) for no reason. Often worse when driving or doing something I can’t ‘escape’ from

• Anxiety about being anxious! Scared of doing anything having a panic attack and looking stupid

• Some days I feel absolutely fine these are rare, maybe once or twice since my first visit to docs – other days I feel slightly ‘off’ this is most common state. And others I feel very light headed and jumpy.

• Dreams about ‘real life’ situations that feel real. Wake up wondering what is real and what was dream sometimes

• Feel like my life is in a dream sometimes, nothing feels quite real.

• Emotionally numb sometimes.

• Feeling like eyes can’t quite focus or are just off focus – Usually focussed on left eye

• Peripheral vision sometimes feels off/blurry though was okay when tested by optician

I take fluoxetine (prozac) 20mg per day, and I'm not sure how much this has helped compared to a shift in my own attitude. I decided I had had enough and ran through some online CBT, and in combination with the medication seemed to work! It took 9 weeks on the medication for me to notice anything 'better' and i'm still not CURED. I certainly still doubt things, and question stuff, but the total uncontrolled thoughts panic and anxiety are gone. I force myself to carry on if i feel like I'm gonna fail. If anybody would like to chat feel free to PM me