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    MRI scan - waiting for results

    I had an MRI scan 2 weeks ago for a liver cyst and am still waiting for my results (they did say it would be 2 weeks so they could be due anytime now). I am of course, anxious as they were going to look at my cyst in more detail. As i haven't heard anything sooner, would i be wise to think that maybe it might not be as bad as i think?

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    Re: MRI scan - waiting for results

    I would say that if it was something bad they would get in touch quickly and that therefore this is not a bad sign.
    Hope all is well x

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    Re: MRI scan - waiting for results

    Just a word of warning, I have been waiting for my MRI results for over 5 weeks now, (they said it would take 2 weeks) I decided to ring the secretary to see what was happening and the Radiology department never sent the report so it hasnt even been seen yet by the consultant, so I have to wait even longer now

    I would give it another week and then ring and enquire, it won't do any harm and in my case, I would have just been forgotten about if I hadn't rung up.

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